We love the fact that you want some of our merch. We have a unique way for you to get some of our quality merch at a super low price.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Get a new or used t-shirt that fits you just the way you want it to
  2. Buy some really bright fabric paint and some brushes of different sizes
  3. Lay out the t-shirt on a flat surface (it’s always a good idea to iron it first to get a nice smooth surface)
  4. Use the brushes and paint to write “The Lung Machine” in the color of your choice, and in the location and size of your choice on your t-shirt
  5. Let it dry fully so it doesn’t get smudged
  6. Wear it proudly and let people know its not just some mass produced piece of band merch, but a one off original piece.
  7. Take a photo and tag #thelungmachine and post it on all your social media channels

Super Easy, Super Fun!!